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  • The difference between electric drill and electric pick

    It is a double-insulated hand-held power tool driven by a single-phase series-wound motor. It is safe, reliable, efficient and easy to operate.

    1 2017-12-12
  • Electric ho should pay attention to what matters

    Brush on the electric hoist can usually use 30 to shift (6 hours per shift operation), when approaching the time limit, please check the remaining length of the brush, 08 series less than 6mm, 12 series less than 7mm When, please be sure to replace the new brush

    0 2017-12-12
  • Electric ho to operate 10 basic standards

    Electric picks As a hobby of woodworking frequently used as a power tool, if the correct use of it, electric pickaxe manufacturer Kangsheng tool for your detailed 10 requirements, hoping to be the first time the use of electric picks help consumers:

    1 2017-12-12
  • Electric picks additional safety issues

    be sure to wear noise earmuffs. The leak can cause hearing loss in the hammering noise

    1 2017-12-12