The difference between electric drill and electric pick

Electric ho Introduction:

    It is a double-insulated hand-held power tool driven by a single-phase series-wound motor. It is safe, reliable, efficient and easy to operate. It is widely used in pipe laying, mechanical installation, water supply and drainage facilities construction, interior decoration and port facilities construction And other construction projects, suitable for soldering or other suitable accessories, such as chisels, shovels and other concrete, masonry, asphalt pavement crushing, chiseling, excavation, grooving, cutting and other operations.

  Electric picks are divided into two types of single-phase electric picks and multi-functional electric picks. Currently, multi-functional electric picks, BOSCH and DEWALT, are sold on 7-46 and 25730 models. The main users are construction, railway construction, urban construction units and reinforced industries.

  From the above can be seen only a single electric drill drill, hammer drill can also have a little hammering effect. Hammer drill can drill and higher hammering, electric hammer is only hammering and can not drill.

  Proposed hole hammer, damage the power draft, dual-use hammer (with power of attribution) to the poor, only the home decoration or plumber needs, power is more professional, when dismantled very easy to use.


Electric drill Introduction:

     Use of electric power drilling equipment. Is a conventional power tools products, but also the greatest demand for electric tools products. Drill main specifications are 4,6,8,10,13,16,19,23,32,38,49 mm, etc., the figure refers to the maximum tensile strength of 390N / mm2 drilling steel drill the maximum diameter. The largest diameter of non-ferrous metals, plastics and other materials can be larger than the original size of 30 to 50%.

working principle:

  Drill working principle is electromagnetic rotary or electromagnetic reciprocating small capacity motor rotor to do magnetic field cutting work to do the work, driven by the drive mechanism, drive gear to increase the power of the drill bit, so that the drill bit scraping the surface of the object, the better penetration of objects .

Hammer Description:

     Electric tools, electric hammer is a type of drill, mainly used in concrete. Floor. Brick walls and stone drilling.

Hammer in addition to the same as electric drill rotation as well as before and after exercise function, usually Hammer contains drill function, and some hammer is also called impact drill. Hammer for large diameter, such as 30MM above.


working principle:

    Hammer principle is to drive the drill bit to do rotary motion at the same time, there is a direction perpendicular to the rotor reciprocating hammering movement. Hammer is driven by the transmission mechanism piston reciprocating compressed air in a cylinder, the cylinder pressure changes in the air cycle to drive the cylinder reciprocating hammer hit the top of the rotor, as if we use a hammer percussion rotor, hence the name hammer!

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