Electric ho should pay attention to what matters

Brush on the electric hoist can usually use 30 to shift (6 hours per shift operation), when approaching the time limit, please check the remaining length of the brush, 08 series less than 6mm, 12 series less than 7mm When, please be sure to replace the new brush. To time after the replacement is not timely, will cause excessive brush sparks and lead to the commutator ring until the motor rotor burned.

    The electric ho ho cylinder filled with grease, with the use of the machine, the grease will gradually aging failure, especially when feeling insecure when you have to suspect the lack of grease, then you must replace the grease. Usually the use of electric hoist after 120 hours (about 20 shifts) must be replaced grease. Please note that we are talking about here is a replacement, not by simply adding to the tank! Must first clean the residual grease in the chassis Clean!

    We recommend a method: Open the cover of the chassis, scrape the dirty grease, and then add a little diesel inside, tighten the fuel tank cap, boot no-load operation for 2-3 minutes, shut down and out of power, reopened the fuel tank cap, Put it aside for 10 minutes or more, pour it over as much as possible and wipe clean the remaining grease. Make sure that there is no dirt in the tank before adding new grease.

    Note that only use our designated grade of grease, the amount added to only about 30 grams. The use of ordinary grease and grease will lead to hammer not hammering too little oil will result in insufficient lubrication to damage the moving parts.

    Hammer hammer itself produces a variety of vibration, the tool itself will inevitably have a negative impact, a big aspect is to cause the screws loose, although we have taken various measures to prevent loose, but here also requires the operator often check the screw fastening State, found a little loose, it is timely to be tightened.

    In summary, in the sales process, be sure to ask the end user to do three checks during the rest of the hammer operation: First, check whether the brush spark increased abnormally; Second, check whether the screw is loose or not; Third check Whether the hammer is weak.

2017-12-12 14:17
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