Electric ho to operate 10 basic standards

Electric picks As a hobby of woodworking frequently used as a power tool, if the correct use of it, electric pickaxe manufacturer Kangsheng tool for your detailed 10 requirements, hoping to be the first time the use of electric picks help consumers:

1, please bring a hard hat (helmets), safety glasses and protective masks. Also particularly recommended to bring dust mask, ear protection and thick padded gloves.

2, the operation must be confirmed before the nozzle is fastened in the specified position.

3, in general operation, this tool is designed to produce vibration. As a result, the screws are easily loosened, resulting in disassembly or accident. Therefore, the operation must be carefully checked before the screws are tightened.

4, the cold season or when the tool is not useful for a long time, you should let it run at no load for a few minutes to heat the tool.

5, must confirm standing in very strong place. When using the tool in height, make sure that no one is below.

6, grip the tool with both hands Do not touch the tool

7, the tool can not be removed when rotating. Only start when the tool is picked up by your hand.

8, the operation can not refer to anyone who is present. Due to the punch may fly out and lead to severe personal injury accident

9. When the cutting chisel digs into the wall, the floor, or any place where the wires may be buried, never touch the metal part of the tool and hold the plastic handle or side grip of the tool to prevent burying the buried wire and electric shock.

10, the operation can not immediately touch the tip or near the nozzle parts. Because it may be very hot and hot skin.

This is only some small suggestion Tools, if any controversy or professional standards as a benchmark, you want to buy electric hoist or sales of electric hoist can call us directly!

2017-12-12 14:15
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