Electric picks additional safety issues

1, be sure to wear noise earmuffs. The leak can cause hearing loss in the hammering noise

2, goggles should be a diaphragm rather than glass lenses. Glass texture of the lens can not withstand the impact of gravel fragmentation may hurt the eye

3, please use the auxiliary handle provided with the tool. Missing operation can cause personal injury.

4, before the operation should confirm the ho rod is installed in place, otherwise there will be the danger of ho flying rod out, you can try to pull out the ho rod outwards, ho rod should only be a little bit of movement.

5, always check the fasteners such as screws fastened state, if it is loose, then tighten. Due to the natural vibration of the machine in normal operation, some fastening screws may be loose, if not fastened in time will lead to premature damage to the electric hoist

6, in cold weather, or long time after the machine is off, please run the machine at no load for a few minutes. To be one of the lubricating grease softened after entering the hammer job.

7, the operator must ensure that they are based on stability, and both hands holding the machine into the hammer crushing operation. To let go of the machine by yourself, it can be dangerous.

8, high-altitude operations, should ensure that no one below the workplace. Broken debris can hurt others

9, must not touch the pole or electric ho pick head. Hot hoop or electric pick head can burn the skin

10, need to scrape the wall, floor, please check whether there is a little lead in the meantime. Be sure to avoid these wires during operation to avoid the risk of electric shock

11, must not be the head of the machine to start the machine to others. In the unlikely event that a taker fly out will hurt innocent people

12, just hold the electric ho in operation, please do not press the machine hard. Pressing the pick strongly but will reduce the work efficiency, or even damage the hammer hammer hammer performance

2017-12-12 14:03
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